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The Tiffany Weirbach Melanoma Foundation web site is devoted to promoting Melanoma awareness. This site was created in loving memory of, Tiffany Weirbach.

We urgently need donations to help individuals in need that are already fighting Melanoma and are unable to work because of the drastic chemo that is required for advanced Melanoma...


Judd Weirbach's book, "Dad's Girl," is about his daughter Tiffany, and her battle with cancer. Dad's Girl is about doctors who told less than the truth, finding hope in the most dim of situations and the ends to which a parent will go to try to save their child's life.
Tiffany's Pet Project - This is the place where the internet began for Tiffany Weirbach. Chock full of pics, riding, story's and even how tips on how to ride with "your man" on the back! A true mecca for any aspiring "Sportbike Girl!"
The above artwork was handrawn by, Pierre-Paul Andriani
The artwork to the left was handrawn by, Pierre-Paul Andriani, and auctioned off at the Ducati Online annual charity benefit for Tiffany's Melanoma Foundation at "Bike Week 2003" in Daytona Beach, FL. The winner of the auction was generous enough to donate the picture to Tiffany's Melanoma Foundation.